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Q. What is the purpose of H.O.P.E.? 
A. The original founders of H.O.P.E. wanted to do something that would be a significant contribution to the community in which they live. Many things could have been done, but it was determined that the thing that would do the most good would be to build up the youth and provide excellent opportunities for the to grow and mature. This way, when they became adults, they will be giving back to the community as well. This is why many of the activities and assistance provided by H.O.P.E. are youth related.

Q. How do I make application for financial assistance? 
A. It is best if you call first and talk it over with us. (1.801.269.9988) If we feel that it is something that we would consider, then you will be asked to fill out and application.

Q. How long from the time of application is it before I hear back from you?
A. Usually it is two weeks but it can be longer depending on your request.

Q. What activities do not qualify?
A. Activities and excursions whose primary purpose are fun and games.

Q. If I do not need assistance but would like to help, what can I do?
A. Your financial contributions and time can make a difference. Call Rob Haertel today at 1.801.269.9988.