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Help Other People Everywhere

We Care About the People Around Us

Early one morning a man was walking on the beach and noticed a boy slowly moving toward him picking up items from the sandy beach and tossing them into the ocean. As the man got closer he could see that the boy was picking up the starfish that had been left to die by the outgoing tide and that he was throwing them back into the ocean.

Curious about the consistency of the boy as he slowly made his way down the beach, the man asked the boy why he was throwing the starfish back into the ocean. The boy's response was that the starfish could not get back into the water by themselves and that left on the sand without water they would dry up and die. He was trying to save them by throwing them back into the ocean.

The man told the boy that that was indeed a noble gesture but that he was wasting his time because there were thousands of starfish on thousands of miles of beaches and that the boy could never be able to help all of them and therefore what he was doing could not possibly make a difference to all those millions of starfish that die each day on the beach. The boy looked down, picked up another starfish, threw it back in the ocean and replied, "it made a difference to that one."

We know that, like the boy we cannot help everyone, everywhere, all the time. We cannot make a difference to the millions of people that need help. However, we can "make a difference to that one." Our goal is to help other people one at a time because it does make a difference to them. H.O.P.E. can make a difference in someone's life. If you know that someone please let us know.

If you would like to contribute your time or money to this worthy cause please call us today at 1-801-269-9988